Personal Work

HONEYPOT is a club night and community for LGBTQ+ women and friends.

Dublin's nightlife has always had a lack of spaces for the queer community, specifically for gay women. There are not enough places to dance, connect and meet others, and feel safe from harassment while you're at it. HONEYPOT was borne out of this frustration.

I co-founded HONEYPOT, Dublin's first electronic music night for LGBTQ+ women, with Emma Murphy in May 2022. Since then, we have grown a loyal community online and in-person through our sell-out club nights and social media presence.

HONEYPOT has been featured in Four Four and District Magazine, who also named us one of the 7 people shaping creativity in Ireland.

Chisme is a zine about the feelings that make life sparkly.

During the summer of 2021, I launched a personal project that combined many of my great loves: writing, photography, styling, design, poetry, and weird independent magazines.

Chisme is a zine about feelings, passions, niche hobbies, and everything in between. Less concerned about big, sweeping thoughts and ideas, Chisme digs deep into the minutiae of our lives to celebrate the small, seemingly innocuous things that make life that little more magic. Topics include everything from Jungian dream analysis, the ultimate comfort pasta, feng shui, and more.

I self-published two issues of Chisme across 2021 and hosted a launch party for Issue 002 in collaboration with Hen's Teeth.