Jameson Connects | Widen The Circle

Building brand love and connecting the Jameson audience

Since I joined The Tenth Man in 2020, I have been working on projects for Jameson's community hub, Jameson Connects. Through fresh video content, editorial strategy, and culturally-integrated activations, we have built a community of loyal brand lovers both online and IRL.

Sorcha Richardson and SOAK for our new interview series, Jameson Connects: Open Circle.

Jameson Connects: The Circle at All Together Now

We were briefed with creating a festival activation that would bring Jameson's brand platform, Widen The Circle, to life.

The result was Jameson Connects: The Circle, the brand's own curated stage at All Together Now. With live music performances, DJ sets, collaborative workshops and spoken word performances, this was a truly 360° brand experience.

I was involved with curating a stage lineup that felt fresh, exciting and true to Jameson's audience. In the lead-up to the festival we created film assets, social posts and editorial content to drive participation. Across the weekend I assisted with general production duties and liaised with artists and collaborators who we had booked for the stage.

Editorialising ECRM

As Summer '22 brought music, live events and festivals back with an almighty bang, things were getting pretty busy over on Jameson Connects. They were conscious not to overload their community with emails and tasked us with streamlining the process.

We worked to move their ECRM strategy away from one-off emails and into a curated monthly newsletter that gives readers the low-down on everything hot that's happening on the platform.

I write the newsletter and assist in creating original content for the platform, which can be anything from gig guides to competitions to cocktail recipes and more. This is also where we launched Jameson Connects: Open Circle, our new interview series which pairs exciting Irish creatives together for chats about creativity, collaboration, and coming together.

Jameson Black Barrel Classic Album Nights

Jameson Black Barrel is the Original’s smoother, richer family member. So, a blend touched by fire for a rich smooth taste required a classic event series to match.

Here's how it goes. The tunes? Classic. The drinks? Also classic. The vibe? You can probably guess. Jameson Black Barrel Classic Album Nights is an event series that sees the most exciting musicians in Ireland perform covers from a record that changed their life.

I work alongside the team to curate and execute the live gigs in venues across the country. I write copy for the Jameson social platforms and the Connects website to get tickets (and cocktails) in people's hands.

Projects created in collaboration with

Executive Creative Director: Richard Seabrooke

Head of Culture: Eric Davidson

Head of Content: Sarah Coffey

Creative & Copywriting: Kerry Mahony

Producers: Ellen Bennett, Martha Mullane, Wes Dillon, Eva McCarthy

Film Team: Bobby Zithelo, James Clarke, Ian Downes, Adam O'Dwyer

Design: Derek Doyle & Kevin Toner

Agency: The Tenth Man