EBS | Our Place

For creatives, home is more than just a place

When EBS approached us about a campaign highlighting their skilled Mortgage Masters, we didn’t want to create a stereotypically aspirational mortgage ad. In a housing market more competitive than ever, we felt it was important to acknowledge the worries of a generation trying to get on the housing ladder.

To show that we understood this generation's need to find their sense of place in the world, we handed the mic over to the less traditional people who get mortgages. Those who are often rejected on applications and told that they need a more 'stable' job.

Our Place meets with two of Ireland's most exciting creatives (and first time homeowners) to discuss what exactly home means to them. How it empowers them, how it brings them peace, and most importantly, how it allows them to create.

Project created in collaboration with

Director & Editor: Bobby Zithelo

Producers: Wes Dillon & Ellen Bennett

Head of Culture: Eric Davidson

Copywriting & Interviews: Kerry Mahony

Photographer: Molly Keane

Agency: The Tenth Man